Commercial Carpet Cleaning



Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you need to impress your employees and / or clients with a professional looking office environment you can count on Idaho Fire and Flood's commercial carpet cleaning team to get the job done.

When cleaning carpet you need to remember that a thorough pre-vacuum is extremely important...not just a ordinary household vacuum. The soil in carpet will turn to mud if water is introduced before thorough dry cleaning. 75% of all soil is cleaned and removed using "dry cleaning methods"*we use a tool called the "Brush Pro" It uses counter-rotating brushes to agitate the soil out of the carpet. *this machines brushes will reach to the bottom of the carpet pile break up and remove all the soil clear down to the carpet backing for a true deep dry cleaning of the carpet.*last but not least.. Reduces allergens and leaves your home healthier for you and your family!1.) Pre-Clean- What the janitor did last night doesn't count!Commercial carpets are often heavily impacted by tracked in soils. Consider using a counter-rotating brush machine like the Brush Pro to open the pile and loosen soil followed by thorough vacuuming for best cleaning results and to reduce wicking.2.) Spotting? Some stains are best removed before cleaning.

The majority of stains will be removed in your regular carpet cleaning process. But, some stains are best removed before cleaning. Damp carpet has the effect of diluting stain removal agents. OUR experience will tells us what stains require pre-spotting.3.) Pre-spray ? Powder or liquid? Which product for this job?

This is the actual chemical or "shampoo" when it comes to carpet cleaning.
Side note: In general, powders are more economical; Liquids are more convenient and can contain more grease busting solvents.4.) Agitation? How much agitation is required?
Agitation can be accomplished in a number of ways depending upon the carpets construction and the soil load. Agitation This may be as simple as a Grandi "broom type" Brush or as aggressive as rotary floor machine with brushes or pads.However, many carpet manufacturers frown on rotary methods. A counter-rotating brush machine like the Brush Pro(that's what we use) provides great agitation while really opening up the pile for better cleaning and better final appearance.5.) Extraction Is fresh water rinse OK?If there are areas that were covered by furniture or for some other reason did not get pre-sprayed an extraction detergent allows you to clean those less soiled areas. Just water won't cut it.
What about heavily soiled traffic lanes? (After 1 or 2 wand strokes your cleaning agent has been extracted.) Extraction detergent means you are still cleaning when additional scrubbing is required.*two main things to consider...#1 without a extraction rinse detergent carpets can be left too high PH (alkaline) or to low PH (acid) this can cause carpet soiling to happen faster as well as browning to the carpet pile.
#2 Suction! We have two of the worlds most powerful truck mounts for a reason! We have both of the leading extraction machines the Vortex and the Aero tech XT. The suction from this machine leaves carpet with lower moisture than any other extraction truck mount available. *STOP waiting for your carpets to dry and start enjoying your freshly cleaned carpet.6.) Protector ? Which carpets need protector?
All carpets benefit from protector which add resistance to dry soils, water based soil and oily soils.*If your budget doesn't include a full application of Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector, Encapuclean Green provides excellent protection between cleanings! For half the price.Commercial carpets: "Olefin" especially benefits from resistance to tracked in oils from parking areas and food service areas.7.) Pile Setting ? When is this necessary?
Helps lift the carpet and spread the necessary carpet protector. Also allows for carpet to dry faster. *This final step adds to the final appearance. Leaves the freshly cleaned carpet plush and ready for family and friends to enjoy your new beautiful healthy carpets.*Side note:Much commercial carpet uses loop pile construction. Most of these carpets won't need pile setting.



Colonial Funeral Home​​​

When Colonial Funeral Home in Pocatello, Idaho wants a professional grade carpet cleaning their clients deserve, Colonial calls Idaho Fire and Flood's commercial carpet cleaning team.