Hardwood / Natural Stone

Hardwood / Natural Stone

No matter the surface - wood, stone, concrete, etc. - we can clean it. The following pictures demonstrate different types of surfaces we've been called out to clean and renew.


Natural Stone 

The following pictures demonstrate the various types of natural stone services we've been hired to clean.



Concrete Floors

Idaho Fire and Flood is frequently called to clean hard surfaces such as tile, concrete, and marble for residential and commercial clients.



Wood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors requires the right touch of science and art. We use the right chemicals to clean and the right expertise to make your floors shine bright!






When it comes down to cleaning tile and grout we first spray down an alkaline solution to loosen up the dirt that may be stuck within the grout. The spray causes the dirt to turn into liquid form. At times, some agitation is needed to loosen up the dirt with a pre-spray. A buffer with long bristles to scrub the tile and grout. Then we have a tile tool that sprays, spins, and vacuums. This power washes the tile and grout. Next the floor gets mopped to remove any excess water. Air movers get set up to dry out the grout. Once the grout is dry it gets inspected to see if there are any spots that need to be redone. Sometimes you can’t see it until it is dry. When it is all cleaned then we seal the grout line. This is because grout is like cement and is very porus.