Spot & Stain Removal


Spot & Stain Removal

When it comes down to spot and stain removal it all depends on the stain. What caused the stain and how long has it been there? Stains get different treatment in regard to what made it. A paint stain has a different treatment than an ink stain. This is why when a homeowner requires their carpets to be cleaned and tuff stains to be removed they need to consult with a professional carpet cleaning company. We are the company for you, Idaho Fire and Flood has been removing difficult spots and stains for years. We make sure that the job gets completed and done right the first time. For homes with high traffic areas we recommend cleaning the carpets periodically to reduce the chance of the carpet getting permanently discolored.

Before the carpets get cleaned we come in and do a full inspection and give an estimate. Our inspections are done with our professional carpet cleaners who are trained to pinpoint troubled areas and help create a plan. The professional will next focus on the high traffic areas. The high traffic areas are a very important piece to making your carpet last. If they go un treated they can become damaged. If this happens it can become very difficult to remove the stains and even a faint stain may appear.

Once the inspection is completed we start prepping the carpet. We start by using a high-quality vacuum to remove dirt, agitate the carpet fibers, and also get the fibers that may be lying flat to stand up once again. This helps the carpet to be cleaned more affectively. Once that is complete we begin with some pretreatments. The pretreatments penetrate deep within the carpets fibers to clean them thoroughly and properly. This is a vital step if there are ink or paint stains. A stain still might leave behind a slight shadow, carpet professionals who use the pre-spot treatment are able to remove as much as 90% or more of the stain.

Once the pre-spot and pretreatment have been applied to the carpet we let it sit. This helps it break down food particles, grease, soils, and any contaminants that may be lying within the carpet. Then again, we use a carpet agitation machine which helps further penetrate the cleaning formula and spot treatment into the carpet fibers. When cleaning agents are thoroughly worked into fibers, the chemicals are able to clean the carpet at a microscopic level. This causes the dirt and stains to become blind so they are easier to remove using a water extraction vacuum.

Next comes a hot water extraction method, by our machines. This effectively forces hot, steamy water into the carpet fibers. Causing dirt to blast away along with tough stains, while extracting the water simultaneously. This helps stop unnecessary water accumulation that could soak the carpet pad and causing mold growth. The rinse water can have a pH balancing agent to help neutralize the effects of the carpet cleaning process, while also removing any detergent residue.

The last step is our professional staff reviews their work and post treat tough stains or spots with an alternative stain formula if needed. Next the carpets are groomed over to lift the fibers to help them dry. Stain protection can also be applied and groomed in as well. If the weather is warm our professional staff may recommend that the homeowner opens a window or place drying fans to help the carpet dry.

If you have tough stains or spots that you need removed call your neighbors at Idaho Fire and Flood. We know what is needed to be done in order to get your house back to its glorious self again. We make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. A happy customer makes us know we are doing our job right.