Idaho Falls Fire Damage Restoration


Idaho Falls Fire Damage & Smoke Clean Up

When we receive a call from one of our potential fire damage victims in Idaho falls, we first come to the home and assess the damage. We make sure photos are taken and we do a thorough evaluation of all the damage. Once the damage has been documented we create a bid for repair. We make sure the bid covers all the damage and repairs needed to make the house completely clean and smoke-free. We make sure the homeowner approves the bid and once that is completed, we send the bid to the insurance company. We do this so that you, the homeowner can focus on getting your life back in order while we work with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Next, we clean everything and we mean everything. We clean anything and everything that may have been affected by the fire. This can include dishes being washed one by one. Clothes being taken to the facility and washed to make sure they are soot free. The walls, ceilings, and floors get completely wiped down and washed. We even have an ozone air cleaner that helps purify the air within the home. We make sure that the home is 100% soot and smoke-free by the time we are finished cleaning it.

We make sure that all of the contents within the house are cleaned as well. If there is a television in the room where the fire started we make sure that it is fully cleaned and good as new, or replaced. If there are paintings or photos on the wall that were damaged by the fire or smoke, we make sure that the soot is extracted from them and they look as good as new too. Furniture is also cleaned and replaced if needed after a fire. We make sure that the furniture is fully cleaned and soot free before returning it to the house.

If there is any damage to your home in Idaho Falls that needs reconstruction, we do that as well. We can rebuild the structure, remove damaged walls, ceilings, roof tiles and make it all as good as new. Areas of the home that need to be repainted due to the fire will be painted to match the color of the surrounding walls. We make sure that we get them taken care of and repainted so the walls are just like they were before the fire. We make sure the homeowner gets the satisfactory results they deserve and desire. If fire damage happens to your home, call the experts at Idaho Fire and Flood Restoration.

Homeowners, insurance companies, and property managers throughout southeastern Idaho choose Idaho Fire and Flood to professionally clean up and repair damage caused by fire and smoke. Here are selected samples of our projects.