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Idaho Fire and Flood Can Also Repair Your Roof


When you are looking for the best roof repair experts Pocatello has to offer, you can count on Idaho Fire and Flood. When most people think about fire and flood damage, they usually think mostly about repairing the walls and floors and the contents in the home. Some may assume that if the roof needs repair, a roofing contractor will need to be called if there is also roof damage. However, Idaho Fire and Flood are licensed roofing contractors and can repair or replace your roof if it is necessary.

Lately, high winds and heavy rains have been causing some pretty serious roof damage to many homes in the Idaho area. If your roof has suffered from these high winds and you need a company you can depend on to repair your roof, then you need Idaho Fire and Flood.

If your roof was damaged do to a fire in the home, no problem. Idaho Fire and Flood can take care of that too.

Sometimes damage to the roof may not be immediately obvious, however if the roofing tiles have been damaged and water is leaking into your attic space then you may also be looking at some pretty major water damage internally. Also, with that water and the heat of summer, you may need to check for mold and mildew as well.

Idaho Fire and Flood can repair your roof and can also clean up any mold or mildew caused by water leakage.

If you are concerned about your roof, or you are not sure if water has leaked into your attic space, Idaho Fire and Flood can send someone out to check your roof and your attic. So if you have concerns, please give us a call today and let Idaho Fire and Flood be your Idaho roof repair experts.