Water and Flood Clean up

When an emergency happens in your home go with a name you can trust and call Idaho Fire and Flood. We make sure the job gets taken care of with fast and effective service. We make sure that no steps get skipped and no damage gets over looked. We want to make sure you get your home back better than it was before the flood damage.

When we receive a call, we come to the home and assess the damage. We make sure photos are taken and we do a thorough evaluation of all the damage that has been created. Once the damage has been documented we come up with a bid for repair. We make sure the bid is covering all the damage and repairs needed to make the house completely clean and water free. We make sure the home owner approves the bid and once that is completed we send the bid to the insurance company. We do this so that you, homeowner do not have to deal with the insurance companies, we do that for you.

We have the right tools for diagnosing the cause and the extent of the damage that the water has caused. In most cases the flooring as well as any padding below it gets pulled up and taken out of the premises. If the floor is hardwood and it has water damage underneath it the wood will begin to curl and will no longer be smooth. Once the area is clear we get our equipment to dry out the remaining water. We have tools that can help diagnose if there is water damage in walls that isn’t visible to the eye. We like to make sure all of the issues are taken care of before we put new flooring down. We make sure that the job is done right the first time, hassle free.

When the water is completely out we will put in the new flooring and make sure it is the way the homeowner wants it. Our customers satisfaction means a lot to us and we know what it takes to keep a good reputation. With that being said if you have any water issues call your friends at Idaho Fire and Flood, we will make sure the job gets completely and correctly done.


Flood Cleanup Pocatello ID


Large Loss: Movie Theater Floods​​​

When a water heater line broke at this movie theater, they called Idaho Fire and Flood. Our team was onsite within 13 minutes. We immediately got to work and prevented water from spreading to other areas of the building. Our fast response time prevented thousands of dollars of potential damage.



Disaster Clean up



Basement Apartment Flood: Diagnosis through Completion​​​

Idaho Fire and Flood used diagnostic tools to detect and measure moisture levels in a basement apartment. Excess moisture was detected, the apartment was dried, and moisture levels return to normal levels. This process prevents harmful mold growth and odors associated with bacteria.



 water damage clean up



Water Damage​​​ at local business

This Pocatello, Idaho based business had a major water leak caused from a washing machine valve failure. They hired Idaho Fire and Flood to extract the water, dry surfaces, and return their building to pre-loss condition. They were able to get back to business quickly.




school disaster clean up




Large Loss: Charter School

When a water pipe broke inside this charter school it was a mess. Water spilled throughout classrooms, hallways, and common areas. Idaho Fire and Flood was the first on the scene with powerful water removal tools, drying equipment, and the expertise to handle the job. The water damage was minimized and the building was returned to pre-loss conditions.




hotel damage clean up



Large Loss: Hampton Inn​​

When a fire sprinkler pipe burst at Hampton Inn, they called Idaho Fire and Flood to assess the damage; fix the source of the problem; dry walls, floors, and ceilings; and return the property to pre-loss conditions. The management team at Hampton Inn partnered with Idaho Fire and Flood to limit the negative business impact of having to shut down areas of the hotel. Idaho Fire and Flood implemented their large loss processes and tools and partnered with the property managers and insurance companies to limit damages, return the building to pre-loss conditions, and welcome guests back to the hotel.




water leak restoration



Residential Water Leak and Restoration

A homeowner in Pocatello, Idaho experienced a water leak in the ceiling of their finished basement. They trusted Idaho Fire and Flood Restoration to fix the source of the problem, assess the damage, repair the wall and carpet, and return their basement back into a living area.




water damage clean up flir



Structural drying tools & techniques

Idaho Fire and Flood starts every water damage project with a proper diagnosis prior to commencing work. We use thermo imaging to pinpoint problem areas and any combination of techniques and tools to pull moisture out of structures.




water clean up drying



Direct Heat Drying

Idaho Fire and Flood will use direct drying when the job requires it. By setting up a heat barrier warm air can be forced down into hard wood floors or into wall structure. These two pictures provide an example.